Teaching staff

Ms Aneta Płuciennik, Poland

I have graduated Polish Philology at University of Szczecin. I have 3 degree level of teaching of Polish language and examiner of middle school humanities. I'm preparing polish pupils to the Polish State Exam after M1 and M3, and I'm also teaching in Diploma. In my daily work, I try to convince my pupils to the relevance of the words of the Italian writer, Umberto Eco: "Who reads books lives twice". I think that together we have lived many lifetimes.

Ms Anna Sawicka-Benicewicz, Poland

Teaches Maths in Primary, Middle and Diploma School (P5, M1 and D1). Graduated in Mathematics from the University of Szczecin as well as in English Philology. In her free time loves reading, listening to music and attending concerts.

Mr Dariusz Sikorski, Poland

Music teacher at Primary and Middle School. Apart from regular music lessons he runs Music Club where students have a chance to develop their musical skills by singing and playing several musical instruments such as recorder, keyboard, glockenspiel or guitar.
He is a musician and an English teacher (M.A. in Music and M.A. & B.A. in English Philology ). Since 1999 he was teaching Music and English at British International School of Szczecin and then since 2002 Music at Szczecin International School. He has rich teaching experience at Polish and International schools as well as universities. He received accreditation as a Music examiner from University of Cambridge in accordance with CIE regulations. He is a singer at Szczecin Opera and a conductor & an artistic director of a Professional Male Ensemble “The Baltic Singers”. Previously worked as a conductor's assistent at Szczecin University Choir and a singer and instructor at a professional vocal-instrumental ensemble „Camerata Nova” at Pomeranian Duke's Castle. With these groups he participated in numerouis concert tours to almost all European countries, the USA, Brasil and China.He has long experience as a piano, flute and singing teacher as well as an EFL teacher.

Mr Grzegorz Szkibiel, Poland

I am M2 and M3 level Maths teacher. Also I work on Szczecin University in Department of Mathematic and Physics. I was born in Szczecin and I am graduated from local schools (including University, where I got M.S. degree). I completed my Ph. D. degree in United States (Buffalo, NY), where I taught in English for the first time. Then there was an adventure with students from Iraq, who studied Mathematics in Szczecin and on Faculty of Management and Economics of Services.

I am interested in Cryptography and besides I like long walks, biking and skiing.

Ms Katarzyna Szopińska, Poland

Teaches German as extra language in Primary School also as fitness instructor on P.E. lessons in Middle School and Diploma level. As a teacher of Phisical Education she has also lessons on the swimming pool, with children from Primary School.

Ms Karolina Szytel, Poland

Form teacher of Grade 1. Teaches English, Maths, Art and Technology, Science, History, Geography and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Devoted, engaged and happy to work with the youngest ones!

Ms Kerstin Walter, Germany

Principal of the Middle School, Cambridge Exam Officer and German Mother Tongue teacher at Middle and Diploma level.
She is responsible for the coordination of the subject programmes in the Middle Years and ensuring that they are effectively connected with Primary and Diploma programmes so that pupils can develop their knowledge and their skills appropriately to their needs and will be well prepared for IGCSE exams as well as for the following Diploma programme. In order to keep exam standards she works on modifications of the Middle School programme, if necessary, and is in constant contact with teachers, principals of Primary and Diploma and the Heads of School.
As CIE exam officer she is in charge of the administrational preparation and implementation of the yearly IGCSE examinations which take place in M4 and D1.
Furthermore she is responsible for the different events, activities and trips taking place in the Middle Years. She deals with the daily running of the school and represents the school in public.

Ms Sonia Werner, Poland

Sonia Werner, a German teacher at the Diploma and Middle School. Has rich professional experience and cooperates with the Goethe Institute in Szczecin. She is also a licensed examiner at the TELC B1 and B2. Currently teaches German as a foreign language and mother tongue.

Mr Krystian Wołodźko, Poland

Teaches Information and Communication Technology in Primary and Middle School (G0-G6, G7-G8), Computer Studies in G9 and D1 classes. Received accreditation as Computer Studies examiner from University of Cambridge in accordance with CIE regulations. Member of the SIS School-Board. Responsible for SIS e-Register and webpage. Previously worked in a schools in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

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