Teaching staff

Ms Anna Kozaczuk, Poland

I am a historian and an English philologist. I teach English and History on a regular basis. Before I joined SIS's team, I had taught in primary and junior high school. I am passionate about methodology of the Englsh language and it's cultural influence. I have lived in Great Britain, however I come from Szczecin.

Ms Agnieszka Lal, Poland

Devoted Primary Teacher. At present Form Teacher of P4 responsible for IPC and linking it to English and Maths curriculum. Deeply and actively involved in the implementation of the (IPC) International Primary Curriculum in SIS, which includes: Science, History, Geography, Biology, Art and personal and social educational goals. Other duties involve close cooperation with the Heads, Principals, parents and teachers as well as mentoring, supervision, professional support, counseling  and guidance for teachers. University graduate educated in Poland and Britain. In the past worked for many years in teaching and management departments.

Mr Tobias Lloyd, Great Britain

After having worked in such countries as India, Israel, Holland and Egypt. I moved to Poland several years ago and I have been working at S.I.S since 2009.
I work at all levels of the school, from Primary to Diploma, and I am looking forward to keeping up the 100% pass rate of the English department of the last few years.
CAS coordinator for Diploma level, responsible for experimental learning, organising and coordinating possibilities to learn responsibility, to be C-creative, A-active, S-of service.
I really enjoy living and working in Poland, although it has to be said that I do miss eating decent cheese.

Mr Przemysław Łonyszyn, Poland

I’m a geographer, sociologist and journalist or at least that’s what my business card says. This academic year I’ll defend my PhD thesis in geography on the Faculty of Geoscience of the University of Szczecin. My field of study is development and character of big cities. I like to watch movies, practice sport and know more but I like the most to share my knowledge with others. So, that’s why I’m here in SIS teaching Geography in M4.

Mr Craig Nightingale, Great Britain

I teach English and History in the middle years and am form tutor for Grade 10 and am form tutor fro Grade 9a. I graduated in History from the University of Sheffield and moved to Szczecin not long after to teach English as a foreign language just to try something different for a year. I never left! 

I worked at the Bell school in Szczecin for many years, with a particular interest in preparing students for Cambridge exams. I was Director of Studies there from 2009 and also have experience of running international summer schools in the UK.


Ms Maja Nizińska, Poland

Rhythm class  teacher  of P1 and IKS.  Graduate Academy of Music in Poznań and Academy of Art in Szczecin.  Experienced working with young children.  She is also a manager of Artist Agency „Grodzka Agencja Artystyczna”. Play cello in Szczecin Philharmonic  String Quartet „Vigoroso” and also in „Con Fetti Trio”.

Mr Krzysztof Nowicki, Poland

Krzysztof Nowicki, German language teacher in Primary and Middle School. He teaches German as a foreign language. Prepares students for the exam at the B1 level. He has gained  a lot  of professional experience.

Ms Anna Katarzyna Ormseth, Poland

Art teacher at all levels: Primary, Middle and Diploma, responsible for preparing Middle Years students for IGCSE Art & Design Exam and Diploma students for IB Visual Arts exam.

She also teaches Design and technology in Middle Years. She is responsible for supervising Extended Essays in Visual Arts and a supervisor for the artistic activities in school.

Agriculture Academy of Szczecin graduate in Food Technology, holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Decorative Art College “Schola Posnaniensis”. She finished postgraduate study of Knowledge about Culture at Szczecin University.

Experienced in  working with students from 9 up. Working also with younger pupils, cooperating on numerous occasions with Primary teachers.

Ms Wiesława Penc-Chmiel, Poland

I am the teacher of Polish as a mother tongue in P5 and M1 in SIS. I am the chartered teacher and I graduated from the University of Silesia, faculty of Polish Philology. I had spent my entire professional life in Świnoujście and I moved to Szczecin last year. Throughout my long-standing career path I taught Polish in schools of all types. I was educational counsellor and I cooperated with publishing houses. Moreover, I ran after-school Polish classes based on my own teaching programs and my works were published by educational publishing houses. I became a certified OKE [Regional Examination Board] examiner for primary school final exams, human sciences part of junior high school final exams, human sciences part of matura exams. For 16 years I have been actively participating in works of examinations teams mainly on human sciences part. In 2002 I created Odział Stowarzyszenia Nauczycieli Polonistów [ a Branch of Polish Teachers' Association] in Świnoujście and I organized Polish nation-wide conferences for Polish teachers under the auspices of, among others, the Curriculum Commission of the Council for the Polish language of the Polish Academy of Science. I was awarded with the Commission of National Education medal. I have been an Honorary Member of the Association of Teachers of Polish since 2010.

Alongside with the Polish language, which I teach with pleasure, I am into the history, includig of histoty the Pomorze Zachodnie. For a few year I have been certyfied city guide for the city of Szczecin and zachodniopomorskie province.


Ms Magdalena Perrot, Poland

Primary school teacher and Form Teacher of Grade 2a. She teaches English, Maths and topics included in the International Primary Curriculum – IPC.  University of Szczecin graduate, also holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree from Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina, the USA. Experienced working with young children (elementary school level in the United States) as well as with teenagers and adults (Poland). Loves teaching and new challenges.

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