SIS Mission Statement

The mission of SIS is to create a friendly, educative and cooperative environment for all. By recognising and nurturing all students the school is striving to:

  • Ensure that all students are achieving their intellectual and social potential
  • Develop in each child an inquisitive and critical mind and the ability to care for other people - family, friends, the young and the old
  • Demonstrate the ability to use their education at SIS in order to expand their vision of self-worth and personal achievement
  • Infuse love of learning in a foreign language by fostering an environment where students, parents, and staff work together towards a common goal

This helps to shape attitudes based on:

  • a healthy way of life;
  • friendliness, tolerance and compassion towards other people;
  • a desire to understand the world;
  • a desire to strive to achieve personal goals;
  • commonly accepted moral values.

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