The Jaśmin Foundation


We are very sorry to inform you that Jasmin – a horse that we bought in 2005 from his owner, who was going to send the sick animal and thus unable to work to a slaughterhouse – left us in August. We had been sponsoring Jasmin’s maintenance cost, visiting him regularly and nurturing him for over 13 years. He died on a beautiful sunny day - unfortunately too sunny for his condition.

The deterioration of his health began to take place very quickly during the holidays, although he began to lose weight in the last year. However, still in June, when the G5 and G6 students visited him, he did not look like a horse that was going to die.

Jasmin had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for years and had to take a lot of steroids. As a consequence, not only his bronchi and lungs, but his heart and other organs were weakened, damaged and his entire body permanently hypoxic. However, no one suspected that the "worst” could be so close…

Coronary-respiratory failure came unexpectedly. Jasminek had episodes where he could not get up, which is a drama and "the end” for a horse. That day he did not get up again and he left us… Jasmin died in his home, on his green paddock, among his relatives.

From our perspective he died unexpectedly, but for himself - quickly and without persistent suffering.

Jasmin received a second, wonderful life from us. He was truly a lucky horse. We would like to thank everyone -heads, teachers, students and parents - who contributed to giving Jasmin a second chance and supporting our charity campaigns for over 13 years. We remain deeply grateful.

Jasmin was an ambassador of abused animals and let it stay that way. We would like to continue collecting money for homeless or sick animals. This will be The Jasmin Foundation - and Ms Stȕtz was and will be the patron. We will transfer the collected money to interventions announced by foundations, for animals in special need.

We deeply hope that the members of our school community will continue to support harmed animals and  The Jasmin Foundation.





On the 17th June 2005 we organized an event called “Save horses lives”. Thanks to our common engagement we managed to collect 3600 PLN, which allowed us to buy our horse and to save him from slaughter.

Jaśmin is a 5 year old gelding. His owner took him to the clinic in Wrocław with knee-joint damage. When it turned out that the horse must be operated on and would not folly recover his owner decided to sell the horse to be slaughtered.

Luckily, the Aid for Animals' Committee in Tychy saved the animal from this cruel death - thanks to our money.

Jaśmin thanks you for saving his life

Taking under consideration the fact that thanks to our school event we saved Jaśmin's life, the school's authorities have decided to put him under official patronage and finance his maintenance.

Therefore we have our horse

At present, after 6 months spent at the hospital, Jaśmin has settled down in his new home - the stable in Brzózki, 40 km from Szczecin. Jaśmin is a very friendly horse and he is waiting for us to visit him. He likes apples and carrots - generally he is a glutton. He will always need medicine for his damaged joint and he is counting on our help.

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