Teaching staff

Mr Collins Anozie, Nigeria

At present, I am responsible for giving Extra Support to pupils who have difficulties in English. I have been teaching English for many years, and I have acquired experience in teaching adults, teenagers and children. Apart from teaching English, I also perform all required teacher duties in our school.

Mr Gregory Cooper, Great Britain

Teaches Science at Middle and Chemistry at Middle and Diploma level. He is also the form teacher of Grade 11.

Mr Jędrzej Dobosz, Poland

I am a Middle School English teacher and the M1 form teacher. I teach English in all the classes of the Middle level and I am an official Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language examiner. I am a graduate of the Higher School of Foreign Languages in Szczecin and the University of Szczecin, where I did my Master's thesis in the field of song translation. I am interested in many things, on top of which are music, film and football.

Ms Diane Howlett, Canada

Principal – Diploma School/ IBDP Coordinator

She is responsible for coordinating the Diploma programmes, organising and ensuring the smooth running of the IB examinations, deputising when the Head is absent, attending Principals' meetings with the Head and leading weekly team meetings. She has oversight for ordering books and equipment, updates the School Handbook and the Calendar, speaks at presentations and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.

She is also Head of Humanities at the Middle and Diploma level and teaches IB History, and Psychology. She is responsible for supervising Extended Essays, preparing exams, participating in conferences and is a member of the SIS Board.

Part of her responsibilities is organising different events and activities which take place in the Diploma School, such as assemblies, the Amnesty International Youth Group, and the school trips connected with the subject programmes.

She is also the Model United Nations Coordinator and has successfully participated in MUNs in Warsaw, Wrocław, and Berlin. She has experience working in schools in Canada, the Czech Republic and Poland.

e-mail: diane.howlett@sis.info.pl


Ms Ewelina Iwaniuk-Bakalarczyk, Poland

I teach Polish language and literature in Primary, Middle and Diploma. As a Polish MT teacher in classes of the Primary level, I am responsible for preparing our students for the Polish Sprawdzian szóstoklasisty (Polish State Exam after M1), in Diploma – IB Exam. I am a graduate Polish Language and Literature at the University of Szczecin. I am examiner IB Polish A: Literature. I am interested in many things, on top of which are literature of XV and XVI century and Polish movies (especially comedies directed by Stanisław Bareja).

Ms Agnieszka Jakóbiak, Poland

Languages are my passion. I have an MA in Political Science and a love for teaching Spanish and English. For years I have been teaching in Szczecin's language schools. I lived and studied in Salamanca and Malaga. In the summer I go rollerblading and snowboarding in the winter. I love travelling and I am a licensed tour guide. I am also a mother of Christopher and Stanley and a fan of good music.

Mr Cezary Janiszyn, Poland

I am a teacher of Physical Education (P.E.) who is working from the beginning of the SIS. Currently, I am teaching classes from G1 to G10. During my job I am trying to show my students a wide variety of physical exercices. That is why, except classes in the Gym we carry out classes on the swimming pool, football pitch called 'Orlik' and afrtificial ice rink and also during extra classes after school. All of this is to keep our students happy, healthy and fit.

Ms Charlotte Kæmsgaard-Andersen, Denmark

I teach G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5 in the Danish Mother Tongue.  Previously I have teached seven years in privat and public school in Denmark. I like teaching and working with children.

Ms Katarzyna Kmiecik, Poland

Primary Principal at SIS, responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the school by working closely with the other Principals and the Head, attending weekly meetings, leading weekly team meetings, holding workshops for new teachers, making presentations for parents, being responsible for Primary school productions and events, such as assemblies and school trips, and is a member of the SIS Board. Other duties include ordering books and equipment, updating the School Handbook and the Calendar, programme and teaching duties. Previously worked with a wide range of age groups, including very young learners, teenagers and adults.

e-mail: katarzyna.kmiecik@sis.info.pl

Ms Anna Kozaczuk, Poland

I am a historian and an English philologist. I teach English and History on a regular basis. Before I joined SIS's team, I had taught in primary and junior high school. I am passionate about methodology of the Englsh language and it's cultural influence. I have lived in Great Britain, however I come from Szczecin.

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