Middle School



Classes:  G1 (6. klasa szkoły podstawowej) to M4 (3. klasa gimnazjum)


8.40 – 10.00   

Block 1



10.20 – 11.40

Block 2



11:50 -12.20

lunch break


Form Class


Block 3




Block 4

(15.45 – 17.05

Block 5)


Teaching programmes:

  • Polish National Curriculum
  • Cambridge International Exams (CIE):  International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • National programmes for Mother Tongue (Danish, German, Polish)
  • Preparation for the IB-programme

On the basis of the Polish requirements the Middle School follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum system.

In G6 - G8 pupils follow a  programme (key stage 3) which continues the achievements from the Primary curriculum (IPC) and leads to the 2-year programme of the “International General Certificate of Secondary Education” (IGCSE)  for the classes M4-D1.

Furthermore we offer national programmes of Mother Tongue for Polish, German and Danish pupils.
At the same time Polish pupils are prepared for state examinations in G6 (6th grade of the Polish Primary school) and M4 (3rd grade of the Polish “gimnazjum”) and are offered extra classes in order to fulfil the Polish requirements.

All pupils of G8 (2. klasa gimnazjum) take part in the Educational Project which is required by the Polish National Curriculum. Pupils research a chosen topic in groups and after about three months they present their work to the school. Topics presented so far were:

  • Easter traditions (2010/11)
  • Maths in Science – Maths in Art (2011/12)



IGCSE Exams (International General Certificates of Secondary Education)

Szczecin International School is an accredited Cambridge International School.

SIS pupils take IGCSE exams in M4 (Mathematics) and D1. The choice of subjects in D1 depends on the requirements in the home countries of the individual pupils. The German pupils of our school use IGCSE exams in order to have an equivalent level of education recognised by the German school authorities (“Hauptschulabschluss” or “Realschulabschluss”).

Internal mock examinations are usually held in November/December of the previous year in order to practice for the upcoming exam situation. The achieved grades give the pupils and teachers an idea of which subjects should be chosen for the final exams in May/June and are also an indicator for further preparation.

Pupils who do not sit official IGCSE exams are examined internally in at least 5 subjects (English, Mother Tongue,  Geography/History, Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), and a Foreign Language (French/German). This is to ensure that all pupils achieve the same standard and are prepared for further academic success, including progression to the two year IB Diploma programme at the Diploma level.

External Language Exams:

SIS cooperates with other Examination Centres in Szczecin and prepares pupils for internationally recognised language exams on different levels such as:

  • English: FCE, CAE
  • German: A1-C1 (according to the standards of the Goethe Institute)
  • French: DELF/DALF

 Events & trips:

  • Integration parties for pupils, teachers, parents, friends
  • National Days and parties
  • Christmas production (theatre performance )
  • Charity events
  • Events organised by the School Council eg. carnival
  • Ecological Day
  • Educational trips
  • Ski trips, Sport’s Day & Football tournaments
  • Meetings with special guests from different areas (politics, business, culture)
  • Cooperation with other schools and institutions

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