Upper School (Diploma Level)

The school is fully authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). This Diploma course is an exciting two year course offering well-rounded education together with experiences not found in other international courses leading to individuals who will, hopefully, be more thoughtful, caring and compassionate people who will respect others and their environment, as well as gaining academic credentials necessary for a future career.

 The IB Diploma is recognized as evidence of ability by academic institutions and employers worldwide, and in many cases University entrance examinations are waived and sometimes credits for first-year University courses are given (eg. in the USA) to students who have passed these examinations.

The IBO was founded in 1968 and is an educational organisation with headquarters in Geneva. 1, 998 schools in 135 countires are currently authorised to teach the Diploma Programme (data as of June 2009).  The Diploma level is equivalent to D2 and D3 in the international system and levels 2 LO and 3 LO in the Polish system. Students can  enter the full Diploma programme at D3 if they have completed a first year IB course at this or another school.

Official IBO website: www.ibo.org

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