School History

     On the 12th of March 1999 Poland became a member of NATO and Szczecin was chosen for the NATO Headquarters in Poland. The NATO forces stationed in Szczecin are officially called the Multinational Corps North-East (MNCNE).

     The parents are mainly from Poland, Germany, Denmark but also from some other countries; they come here with their families and need a school for their children. On the 19th of July 2002 official tenders to create and run such a school were offered, and InBIT-Poland and the European Integration Academy were successful in their bid. A contract was signed by General Schneider, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the MNCNE, by Professor Zygmunt Meyer, Rector of the European Integration Academy, Mr Edmund Runowicz, President of Szczecin and Mr Pachciarek, the local representative of the Polish Ministry of Education. The school was then created and registered under Polish law. Its official name is Szczecin International School (SIS). First headmster of the school was Dr. Piotr Wahl - previous prorector of WSIE.

     Most of the pupils are NATO officers' children. There are two other groups of students: children of foreigners who are living in Szczecin and Polish children from Szczecin. There are 13 levels, one class for each level, starting from the age of six up to the level of Baccalaureate (Abitur).

     As of 1st January 2009 SIS became one of many companies under the umbrella of Stiftung & Bildung und Handwerk whose headquarters are in Paderborn, Germany.

The first seat of the School
in the years 2002 - 2009


In 2009 SIS has changed a company name and new premises:
SIS Spółka z.o.o.,
and we also change our location
at Starzyńskiego Street 3-4 in Szczecin.


In Octber 2013 Szczecin International School moved to the renovated building, at Błogosławionej Królowej Jadwigi Street 27,28 in Szczecin, and here we are today.


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