To provide more specific information Form Teachers will meet with:

PRIMARY PARENTS: there will be meetings with the form teachers between September 5-7th at 16:00  - Monday – P6 and P4A, Tuesday – P5 and P1, Wednesday – P2A, P2B, P3, P4B. The form teachers will present the teaching programmes and educational resources, as well as specific information concerning each class.

MIDDLE PARENTS: At the meeting on Thursday, 8th September  ( (M1-M2: 16:00; M3-M4: 16.30);  parents will be introduced to general and administrative information concerning the respective class, important rules and regula-tions, communication channels between parents and teachers, the teaching programmes and exams (M3, M4) as well as to activities and plans for the school year. Furthermore, class specific questions, concerns and ideas can be discussed. 

DIPLOMA PARENTS: The issues to be discussed at the meeting on September 8th, at 17.15 will cover various topics ranging from: rules and regulations for new students and those new to the Diploma level (D1); new rules and regulations for all Diploma students; introduction to the IB programme (D2) and upcoming responsibilities and assessments (D3); exchange of concerns/issues between parents and between parents and form teachers to specific class issues.

The cost for one lunch is 7.50 PLN for the main dish (without soup). In September there will be 20 lunches, and the total amount is 150 PLN. If you did not make the payment on time, please contact the Office at - with information as to whether your child will be eating lunches in September.
On Monday 5th September 2016, lunches will be ordered only for children whose parents have made a payment or confirmed the order by e-mail.

If your child is absent from school please inform the Office and we will refund the lunch money for those days but only if you inform the office by 8:40 that day by phone or by e-mail.



We would like to inform you that starting this school year, 2016-2017, the SIS Newsletter will now only be available on the e-register. There will be one source for parents containing the most important information concerning your child: the e-register. This was decided due to the specific information included in the newsletter and that it would be best if only the school community had access to it and not the general public. Thank you for your understanding and we encourage you to log onto the e-register to read the newsletter and any other information that is there each week.


From Wednesday 7th September 2016, there will be a common room for Primary students in room 3 from 7:00 – 8:20 and 15:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday.  All parents who are interested need to fill in a declaration. You can take the form from the Office or from the form teacher.

As each year all parents need to sign the contract with the school.

You can collect the teaching contract for the school year 2016/2017 from the Office at the beginning of September 2016. The contract will be prepared for both parents and both of you are obligated to sign the document. If you are not able personally to collect the contract, it will be sent by post Wednesday 14th September.

The annex to the contracts will be sent by post to the parents of children who will continue their education in our school. Please sign it and return one signed copy to the Office.

If you have any other requests regarding this issue please contact the Office.  

Signed contracts must be returned to the Office by Friday 30th September.

Regular swimming lessons will start on Tuesday, 6th September:
•    P2A Tuesday 1st block
•    P2B Wednesday 1st block
•    P3 - P4A P4B Tuesday 4th block
•    P5-P6 Thursday 1st block
•    M1-M2- M3 Friday 2nd block
Please make sure your child is prepared (swimsuit, swimming cap, towel, flop flops and googles).

At the time of enrolment each Primary student is provided with a new P.E. kit (SIS T-shirt and shorts) at no additional cost. However, if the child loses or grows out of their P.E. kit, it is strongly recommended parents order another one – through the P.E. teachers at the cost of 100 PLN.


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