The opening ceremony will begin on Thursday 1st September 2016 at 8:40 outside in the playground and all parents are invited to attend. In case of rain, everybody will go to their respective level (Primary – ground floor; Middle – first floor; Diploma – second floor). 


P1 children and parents join their form teachers in the P1 room for integration activities during the first block- till 10.00. After that the parents leave their children who stay at school till 15.25. 

P2-P6 students - will have lessons according to the timetable filled with lots of interactive games, integration activities and arts and crafts projects during the first few days. The students will have opportunities to mingle, chat, integrate and get to know each other. 

Middle and Diploma  

Pupils go to their classrooms with their form teachers to begin the integration days combined with discussing the rules/regulations.


On Thursday 1st September we are starting our new school year. Students should be at school by 8.40 to attend the ‘Start of the School Year’ ceremony. Parents and family are also very welcome. After the ceremony the classes will follow their form teachers to their classrooms to receive some essential information. 

During the remaining blocks on Thursday and also on Friday the students will take part in integration activities, there will be no regular lessons at that time. 

On Monday, 5th September the students will take part in our traditional Scavenger Hunt organised by the School Council. This is a whole day event; the students will travel through the city to achieve some set goals, supervised by teachers. Packed lunches should be taken. 


To provide more specific information Form Teachers will meet with: 

PRIMARY PARENTS: there will be meetings with the form teachers between September 5-7th at 16:00  - Monday – P6 and P4A, Tuesday – P5 and P1, Wednesday – P2A, P2B, P3, P4B. The form teachers will present the teaching programmes and educational resources, as well as specific information concerning each class.  

MIDDLE PARENTS: At the meeting on Thursday, 8th September  ( (M1-M2: 16:00; M3-M4: 16.30);  parents will be introduced to general and administrative information concerning the respective class, important rules and regulations, communication channels between parents and teachers, the teaching programmes and exams (M3, M4) as well as to activities and plans for the school year. Furthermore, class specific questions, concerns and ideas can be discussed.  

DIPLOMA PARENTS: The issues to be discussed at the meeting on September 8th, at 17.15 will cover various topics ranging from: rules and regulations for new students and those new to the Diploma level (D1); new rules and regulations for all Diploma students; introduction to the IB programme (D2) and upcoming responsibilities and assessments (D3); exchange of concerns/issues between parents and between parents and form teachers to specific class issues.




This school year we will be using the same canteen as last year. Lunches will start from Monday 5th September. 

If you want your child to eat lunches please inform the Office and make the payment by Friday 2nd September. The cost for one lunch is 7.50 PLN for the main dish (without soup). In September there will be 19 lunches, and the total amount is 150 PLN. 

If your child is absent from school please inform the Office and we will refund the lunch money for those days but only if you inform the office by 8:40 that day by phone or by e-mail.   


As each year all parents need to sign the contract with the school.  

You can collect the teaching contract for the school year 2016/2017 from the Office at the beginning of September 2016. The contract will be prepared for both parents and both of you are obligated to sign the document. If you are not able personally to collect the contract, it will be sent by post Wednesday 14th September. 

The annex to the contracts will be sent by post to the parents of children who will continue their education in our school. Please sign it and return one signed copy to the Office.  

If you have any other requests regarding this issue please contact the Office.  

Signed contracts must be returned to the Office by Friday 30th September.

P.E. KIT (SIS T-shirt and shorts) FOR PRIMARY STUDENTS

At the time of enrolment each Primary student is provided with a new P.E. kit (SIS T-shirt and shorts) at no additional cost. However, if the child loses or grows out of their P.E. kit, it is strongly recommended parents order another one – through the P.E. teachers at the cost of 100 PLN.

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