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Identity & Diversity in European Art


The Middle Years of Szczecin International School had the great opportunity to take part in a European programme for School projects called Socrates-Comenius. Together with four other European schools the school project I.D.E.A. (Identity and Diversity in European Art) was initiated in November 2004 in order to get in touch with other European countries and increase the level of partnership among the participating schools. By researching in the three different fields of art (music, painting and architecture) pupils developed an attitude of understanding for the diversity and unity of European culture. The project put a stress on the use of Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) as an important aspect of modern life. During the three years of the project I.D.E.A.

  • pupils of age 13 to 18 and S.I.S-teachers took part in different activities at school and presented their results in different presentations to the school and the community.
  • pupils’ and teachers’ exchanges were organized between the partner schools

Our Eurpean Partner Schools were:
1. I.E.S. Benicalap, Valencia, Spain
2. Hauptschule Andorf, Andorf, Austria
3. Neumann Janos Altalanos Iskola, Szombathely, Hungary
4. Nagy Lajos Gimnazium, Szombathely, Hungary (participant only in the first year)

All products and pictures can be seen on our project website:

Final Presentation at SIS

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