At the end of M4 (Mathematics, English) respectively D1 all SIS pupils are assessed on the basis of the IGCSE programmes. Pupils can sit external exams assessed by CIE. Pupils who do not sit external IGCSE exams are examined internally in at least 5 subjects (English, Mother Tongue, Geography/History, Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), and a Foreign Language French/German/Spanish). This is to ensure that all pupils achieve the same standard and are prepared for further academic success, including progression to the two year IB Diploma programme at the Diploma level.

Participation in the assessment process

is compulsory

External exams

It is the decision and the responsibility of the parents if a pupil sits external exams (graded by Cambridge International Examinations CIE) or internal exams (graded by the SIS subject teacher on the basis of the IGCSE programme).
The choice of subjects in M4/D1 depends on the requirements in the home countries of the individual pupils. The German pupils of our school use IGCSE exams in order to have an equivalent level of education recognised by the German school authorities (“Hauptschulabschluss” or “Realschulabschluss”). It is the responsibility of the parents to decide on the subject choices in order to meet the requirements of the given home country and inform the Middle Years Coordinator about their decision by 15th January before the given examination session. However pupils have to be in good standing with the school in order to be enrolled for IGCSE exams.


Examiation sessions

Due to the small number of pupils Szczecin International School organises examination sessions only for June. There is only the possibility of sitting retake exams in November.


Private Candidates

Due to administrational and logistical reasons we do not accept private candidates anymore.

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