School administration

The Head of SIS and President of the company SIS Spółka z.o.o. is Maria Sawka and the Pedagogical Head is Ms. Katarzyna Stütz.

Ms. Maria Sawka, Poland

Her professional career as a teacher began in 1975. She worked with students from primary school to secondary school inclusive.  She also always worked as a form teacher. For many years she was in charge of the school council and organised school events.

From 1991 to 1994 she was the Deputy Director of elementary school No. 57 in Szczecin and in September 1994 became the Director of the non-public High School of Foreign Languages and Computers "Perseverantia". From 1998-2002 she worked as a Director in the Polish-American school.

Since 2002 she has been associated professionally and emotionally with Szczecin International School; initially as the Deputy Director and then as Director. She ‘walked’ all the way through the development of SIS to the point where it is now. In 2009, when SIS was transformed into a limited liability company she became its President.

Years of intensive effort has been done at SIS to find its deserved place in the educational system in the developing city of Szczecin.

Ms. Katarzyna Stűtz, Poland

Teaches Polish language at  all educational stages -  Primary, Middle  and Diploma School  classes.

Teaches  Polish language in D2 and D3 classes ( II and III class of Polish Secondary School)  according to the international IB system – prepares for International exams for the Certificate of Secondary Education IB.

For some years cooperated  with International Schools in Portugal, and Austria preparing diploma students for the IB examinations of Polish language. Previously a science  worker of Szczecin University. Then for a few years a Polish language teacher and the Head of  British International School of Szczecin.

The Deputy Head of SIS from 2008 and at present Pedagogical Head of Szczecin International School.

Initiator and  person responsible for the idea of the school charity action under the key motto "An animal is not a thing". Guardian of the saved horse Jasmin when in 2005 the school became his official patron.

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