To provide more specific information Form Teachers will meet with:

PRIMARY PARENTS: there will be meetings with the form teachers between Monday and Wednesday, 10-12th September at 16:00 -  Monday- G3b and G1, Tuesday – RY, G2 and G5b, Wednesday – G3a, G4 and G5a. The form teachers will present the teaching programmes and educational resources, as well as specific information concerning each class and parents will have an opportunity to share their thoughts.

MIDDLE PARENTS: At the meeting on Thursday, 13th September   parents will be introduced to general and administrative information concerning the respective class, important rules and regulations, communication channels between parents and teachers, the teaching programmes and exams as well as to activities and plans for the school year. Furthermore, class specific questions, concerns and ideas can be discussed.

For Grade 6 and Grade 7 the meeting will start at 16:00; for Grade 8 and Grade 9 at 16:30 in the respective classrooms.

DIPLOMA PARENTS: The issues to be discussed at the meeting on 13th September at 17.15 will cover various topics ranging from: rules and regulations for new students and those new to the Diploma level (Grade 10); new rules and regulations for all Diploma students; introduction to the IB programme (Grade 11) and upcoming responsibilities and assessments (Grade 12); exchange of concerns/issues between parents and between parents and form teachers to specific class issues.

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